HOTTER / Spinkult Ed.

Otter yo-yo in HOTTER / Spinkult Ed. by CLYW. The newest signature yo-yo for Canadian National Champion Harrison Lee.

The newly updated 2022 version of the CLYW best-selling Harrison Lee signature yo-yo in a limited non-blasted edition.

HOTTER returning soon

We're saving a portion of the entire HOTTER run for a separate drop when there's an opportunity to ship outside the country.

The next drop announcement will be made soon. Thank you for understanding.

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Full description

Spec sheet
  • Weight 66.60 g
  • Diameter 53.85 mm
  • Width 45.04 mm
  • Shape W-shape/inverse round
  • Body material Aluminum 6061
  • Rim/cap material Aluminum 6061
  • Bearing size Size C
  • Bearing type Center Trac Bearing
  • Response type CLYW Snow Tires
  • Axle M4 x 10mm
  • Origin country USA
  • Year released 2021
  • Style of play 1A/3A/5A
  • Skill level Professional

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HOTTER / Spinkult Ed.