Dark Matter

Dark Matter by YoYoFactory. A new type of non-oil lubricant by YoYoFactory.

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Dark Matter was scientifically formulated and is intended only for use on yoyo bearings. Follow these steps for maximum performance:

– Open your yoyo
– Remove your bearing and clean the bearing with Rubbing alcohol in a small canister (something you can let the bearing soak in and allow you to shake the bearing in the fluid vigorously without making a mess).
– Remove bearing and let it dry on a piece of paper towel. Try spinning the bearing to confirm it is clean and spinning freely and easily.
– Shake well bottle of Dark Matter(TM)
– Apply three small drops of Dark Matter to side of bearing
– Rotate outer race of bearing slowly to help Dark Matter(TM) to soak into bearing
– Re-assemble yoyo
– Put a new string on your yoyo
– Play with your yoyo. Note that your yoyo will be responsive at first. This is normal.
– Throw some fast spins and maybe a few “Around The World” or “Pinwheels” to help settle the Dark Matter(TM) in your bearing.
– Your bearing should now start to play unresponsive again. If not play a while longer.

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